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released March 1, 2013



all rights reserved


The Original Northern Island Barcelona, Spain

Solo Folk Project of The Original Northern Island


Next album "Firecrackle" release in 2017

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Track Name: Black Camino
Baby, this thing grows up and I cannot stop around
And maybe, I´ll never get to know how to break it
I refer to people speaking loud without doing a thing
And they screw my brain with all their shit inside their heads
I said baby, and I´m going down below the ground, oh yeah

Go tell them everybody
So they can stop to screw my brain
Where is your crown?
Where is your crown? You fool....

Lazy, the more you speak the less you do
Wasting your time telling what others do
Oh yeah!
Track Name: Tumbleweed
I can roll every morning baby
Only if the wind take us
When the sun rises behind us
He and me together
Give me an electric spray
The nearest to the light yeah
You can marry a man who didn´t
Live alone just once

I can roll blowed by the wind
I can talk, I can walk in my hole
Without knowing how to live
Because I´m a tumbleweed

Let me show you have to be lazy
Against my will
Want to be in a place and can´t stop rolling
I have crossed three desert and everything seems the same
You can die with a burning owl
Against my flames
Track Name: Half of the Land
After traveling half of the land
By the way, I had so much time to spend
And that´s how we blowed the wind
But I will never return to my early days

Simple emotions float in the air
Driving, driving, driving around the bend
Crossing the miles of the planet earth
But one day I will return to see my friends

This feeling that´s growing
I don´t know where it ends up dead
And we will have to play with this blind man
Down, in half of the land

Waiting for a kiss, a smile, and a hug
And the only thing I received was a knife
Even if time passes by, nothing will change
But I will never return to my older days

This feeling that´s growing
I don´t know where it ends up dead
And we will have to play

This feeling that´s growing
I don´t know where it ends up dead
And we will have to play with this blind man
Down, in half of the land
Track Name: Stay (beside the water)
There was a time I was afraid of
All that I could not control, I would put some examples
By hitting a jump and turning my head
And now I have no home, stay

The graves of the forgotten dissapoint me
The past is no longer back in here
Silencing shouts and the silence screaming
And my pride is suffering while I´m not standing
And now I have no home, stay

Feeling in my bones, sleep deep beside the water
Like the day I dreamt, falling in time
In this way so high that I can never get
Don´t try to climb.....stay.

One day I forgot everything I learned
And I had to start over
Because what I learned didn´t serve
And I decided to come to the sea
Track Name: Hummingbird
Yes, you're trapped in a nest more and more higher
Blow the wind and the leaves evolve into fire

And the time came, I've been waiting a long time
But you grew up so much

But you came out one day here
Flying, burning, hunting in your sphere
Nobody heard your prayers
Flying Hummingbird wrapped on fire

And knew the love
The whole world had stopped, yeah
And he didn't want to feel anymore

Tired of flying in circles
Enclosed living in the forest
And visiting houses that aren't built yet
And get out of my shelter
And break out my silence
And whistle your name
After and before
Track Name: Through the Window
When I get down so down in my mind
I see what you´re doing
And my past is telling me lies
That once they were useful
And I´m sinking again in my fears
Watching you leaving, leaving my dear
When I go back to my mind
You were away that time

Clouds and rain it´s what I see
Through the window of this winter´s day
Peace and Love, makes my day, with another
Driving my car beside the sea
Feeling the air, touching my lips
Track Name: Caterpillar Cap
I´m a driver of a truck, driving all the day
I don´t need anything else
Greasy jeans for long distances follow my track
And I see the gas station´s down

I believe and no relief, they´re still on the ground
They have woman and child
" Don´t shoot me brother I´m a lover of the steals and the guns
Leave me alone and I will go fast" running fast
Too much fall down for my caterpillar cap

Now I´m running, yes I´m running, I´m running all the day
Start the engine like the wind
The policeman, follows me, just behind my track
Police guys, police dies, police eyes
I get ready to drive this road the whole night
Track Name: No Worries
I´ve been away
I´ve been so long
Wasting my time
On a big truck on the road

Feeling all right
Feeling ok
Staying alive
With no worries on my soul

When the doubts are back
And the life is tough
Look inside yourself
In the sun turns back
And the moon gets dark
Come and hold my hands
I´ll be here by your side
Ready for this game
Track Name: Chinese Market
And suddenly one day started
Each one knew but I didn´t know
A feeling inside of me that cleans my heart at all
Hey girl, go get some beer
If the heat persists please bring me more
But I couldn´t understand how come I didn´t know

Laying in the middle of a parking lot
Waiting for the moment to arrive to your heart
And singing all together one day on the road

One day I´ll get to the park mate
And we´ll sing it all together
We´ll go to the chinese market
To get more beer for all
Track Name: Fly, Dance & Dream
At night, a shadow lies in wait,
And the monster hides beneath your bed,
But your smile will stop him,
And if you hold my hand,
Then your fear will vanish on the wind

Your dreams will return, and gently fill your mind
They'll have you fly, and laugh, and you'll want to dance
And the monster will have gone, far away,
And no more will you have to escape

He'll run away and you'll be able to dream
At night, the monster will want to appear,
So fly, fly, and dance, dance...and dream, dream!
Track Name: Lies in the Middle
I know exactly the moment when time stopped on the wind
And called me about the future, about a future without me

You know that I told you
And I am your secrets teller
And you became a great person
A great person that needs help

But I am, I´m the wind,
I´m the wind that blows with you babe

I could get back to the past but I don´t
And I couldn´t and I don´t want to go back
Lies in the middle
Lies in the middle that I couldn´t see
Track Name: Time to Change Your Mind
Come, pick up your bags
You see how a sunny day
Forget all your plans
We will make a new day
Brothers ans Sisters
This is the time to change your mind

While willing all right
There´s no way to quit again
We got the wind looking after our names
Brothers and Sisters
This is the time to change your mind

Love or hate, peace or war
To live in a cage or blind the world
You´re the one to decide how to live
You´re the one to decide how to stay

When you go you´re packing your dreams in a box
And get down, just let it wash
Your brain in the past by the age of the times as it goes
When the life traps you down
When the life traps you down
Track Name: Dirty Cowgirl
When I see something like this
I became to lose my faith
And I go around to every corner
To have so much fun

But she´s returned on my mind
And I returned of my shields
She´s callin´me everytime
Everyday, everynight

You are so bitch that
I would marry you
But you want all my heart
Sorry babe this is not for you